Outsource Your Editing and Take Back Your Precious Time!

We will help you reduce your editing hours, while still providing consistent images that are true to your brand.

Hi ! I am Valeria

I am based in Pensacola, Florida photographer, but I have found that my passion for the photography world lies with the editing rather than the taking of images. I love seeing photos change from the initial capture to the end result. I also like knowing that I am giving photographers, the time spent on post processing back.

I spent 4 years as a photographer and I know what "burn out" feels like. Being able to alleviate that feeling for others is like my own personal magic trick.

Thank you for visiting my website. Let's embark on this creative journey together and create something truly remarkable.

Services we Offer

Photo Editing

3-5 business days turnaround for wedding catalogs (1-3 business days for portrait catalogs)

Drag & drop file exchange

White balance & color correction

Exposures adjustments

HSL adjustments

Detail (sharpening, noise reduction)

Tone curve

Sky & subject masking

Radial & linear gradients

Cropping & straightening

Use of presets & profiles if that's part of your editing


Don't have time to cull through your gallery before sending? I can help with that too! let me sift through the duplicates and eye blinks and get back to what you love most.

Culling can be added on per catalog basis.

I charge a per image rate on culling that is just a small fee on top of the regular editing fee.

My Packages Prices

  • $30 per small gallery (up to 40 images)
  • $40 per normal gallery (41 to 60 images)
  • $55 per large gallery (61 to 100 images)
  • $150 per small wedding gallery (up to 300 images)
  • $245 per regular wedding gallery (301 to 700 images)
  • $350 per large wedding gallery (701 to 1.000 images)
  • Anything over or less please contact me for pricing
  • My regular pricing without the packages are $5 - $7 per image depending on what you need done.

How does it works?

Book a consultation call/e-mail

I will book editing slots in for you after your scheduled weddings, and I then have a 3-5 business day turnaround to edit and have them back to you.

Schedule a free trial run

Before you hire me we need to know if we are good fit, so, I offer the free trial run, where I will edit a catalog (up to 25 images) in your style and deliver it back to you within 2 business days. And don't worry, I walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

Sign Up

Once you are happy with the trial edits you will send over your wedding/portrait calendar for the year, get editing appointments booked in and we're good to go.


Can we do a trial run to see if we are a good fit?

Yes! We can do a trial edit of around 25 images from the same event with 3-4 images edited by you as anchor images, and I'll edit the rest! This is a good way to test drive the submission process and learn how outsourcing works

How will you match my style?

You edit between 10-15% of the images in your catalog as anchor images across various lighting scenarios, locations, and time of day so that I can match your style across your gallery

What kind of guidance do you provide?

I provide easy-to-follow instructions for every step of the way. I am also available to connect via email or Loom to help provide troubleshooting.